WOOHOO!  Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to my new, still unnamed guitar.  She is a Grand Auditorium style, tobacco sunburst acoustic guitar of the Walden variety.  I found this model guitar while on Christmas vacation at my in-laws’ house in the Outer Banks, NC.  We went to a little store called “Outer Banks Computers and Music.”  Catchy, I know.  The model they had sounded like thousands of tiny angels singing into my ears.  And it played like a dream.  I immediately liked it more than my Taylor 110-E.  The crazy part was the price.  I honestly have not found a single guitar under $500 or so that I thought was worth paying for.  But this beauty sold for $300 in the store!

I can’t buy something this expensive on impulse.  It must be researched.  While researching the brand and model (I could not find a negative review), I came across a Tobacco Burst model and was hooked!  I found one on www.holeinthewood.com and had them install a KILLER L.R. Baggs Element pickup.  They shipped it quick and it came in today and sounds GREAT!

Are you as excited as me?  I bet you are!


P.S. She needs a name, so leave a comment!

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