One thing I absolutely love about my church is their commitment to truly honor their pastors during Pastor Appreciation Month (October).  I have always said that the students at North Main Baptist Church are the greatest students in the entire world.  They proved it last night, as they went out of their way to honor me as their Student Pastor for Pastor Appreciation.  While I was making the announcements, Candace, one of our seniors, interrupted me on stage with a card and the students proceeded to play a slideshow dedicated to me.  This was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received in my life!  At the risk of seeming arrogant, I thought I would share the slideshow with my readers here on so that everyone could see how awesome my students really are!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To all my Broadcast students, thank you so much for this incredible gift!  You truly are the greatest students in the world.  It’s been an honor and a privilege to spend the last year and a half (s0 far) with you all.  You make my job easy: you’re always on time, never cause disruptions or steal ICEEs from gas stations (like me), are always respectful and attentive, and you strive to love Jesus.  You are the best gift a Student Pastor could ever have.  Thank you so much for being awesome.  It’s my joy to try and lead you to be more like Jesus.  It’s like I always tell you:  “Follow me as I follow Christ.”  I love you guys.

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