Carmen and I are happy to announce that we have begun the adoption process through International Family Services! Many of you know that the past couple of years have been very trying as we battled against cancer and infertility. We have spent much time mourning both the (temporary) loss of Carmen’s health as well as the (permanent) loss of fertility as a result of her breast cancer treatment. Now, to borrow from David in Psalm 30:11, we are eager to watch God turn our mourning into dancing! We are going to be parents someday!!!

We have submitted our initial application for adoption and are working toward completing our home study. Adoption is extraordinarily expensive, so we will be needing to do much fundraising to pay the necessary fees (up to $30,000) to bring our baby home.

We couldn’t have made it through our recent medical trials without your support, prayers, and help. In the same way, we won’t be able to complete this adoption process without your help. Here are three ways you can help:

1) Pray for us! This is the best gift you could possibly give us.

2) Second, spread the word about our adoption! Use the share buttons on this page to get your friends and family involved in our effort to bring home our first child. Share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and any other platform you can think imagine.

3) Third, consider donating to fund our adoption. This is a very expensive process, but we believe God will provide for all of our needs as we pursue His will. Why not join in what God is doing?

We will be posting several fundraising initiatives. Our first effort is selling t-shirts. Carmen and I have each designed an adoption themed t-shirt. We have to sell 50 shirts each in 21 days (YIKES!) or the orders will not actually be completed. We are asking for $20 per shirt or $40 for a hoodie. Help us reach our goal and wear a ballin’ new t-shirt in the process! To order a shirt, simply click on the shirt you like better:

Andrew’s Shirt






Carmen’s Shirt





We believe God is turning our mourning into dancing (Psalm 30:11). Come and dance with us!

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