RECOMMENDED RESOURCE: Identifying False Teachers

At our church, we preach through books of the Bible. We often proclaim that “nothing is better for God’s people than God’s Word.” And we feel the best way to preach God’s Word to God’s people is by working systematically through books of the Bible. Right now, we are learning from Paul’s letter to Titus.

In his letter, Paul gives instructions to Titus as he endeavors to organize and strengthen the church on the island of Crete. One major problem he will encounter is false teachers. Tonight, I preached Titus 1:10–2:1, wherein Paul condemns heretical teachers and instructs his protégé on how to handle them. In preparation for the message, I came across two excellent videos on identifying false teachers and discerning truth from error.

In video #1, Tim Challies identifies the seven types of false teachers warned about in the Bible and prevalent in the church today.

In video #2, Justin Peters hosts a discernment seminar where he shows video evidence of heretical teachings and refutes errors with God’s Word.

I would encourage you to set aside some time to learn from these wise teachers about how to avoid false teachers. In doing so, perhaps you and I will learn to avoid the sin of failing to discern truth from error.

Enjoy and be encouraged (even if you’re also being corrected).

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