The Lord did it once and we believe He will do it again! We are excited to begin our second adoption process through Lifeline Children’s Services. How can you help?

First, pray for us!

Second, spread the word about our adoption!

Use the share buttons on this page to get your friends and family involved in our effort to bring home our first child. Share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, word of mouth, carrier pigeon, snail mail, and any other platform you can think imagine!

Third, consider donating to fund our adoption.

This is a very expensive process, but we believe God will provide for all of our needs as we pursue His will. Why not join in what God is doing?


We have been given a $4,000 matching grant from the Karis Adoption Fund (administered by Lifesong for Orphans)! Adoption is a very expensive endeavor. We expect the total cost to be somewhere between $30,000–35,000. But the Lord provided what we needed once and we believe He will do it again!

Thank you for praying for us!

Thank you for helping us financially as we seek to bring another child into our family!

Thank you for sharing our story!

We pray that God will be glorified in our family.

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