Carmen and I have been through many trials in recent months. We believe that God is leading us out of these painful times and into the joyful experience of parenthood through adoption.

We are excited to begin the adoption process with International Family Services. IFS is an organization based in Texas that specializes in both international and domestic adoptions. We will be a part of the domestic, cross-cultural adoption program. This means we will be adopting an infant born in the United States to a family of a different culture and race than our own.


To learn more about the domestic adoption program at IFS, visit their website at


First, pray for us!

Second, spread the word about our adoption!
Use the share buttons on this page to get your friends and family involved in our effort to bring home our first child. Share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and any other platform you can think imagine.

Third, consider donating to fund our adoption.
This is a very expensive process, but we believe God will provide for all of our needs as we pursue His will. Why not join in what God is doing? To donate, click on the image below.



We believe God is turning our mourning into dancing (Psalm 30:11). Come and dance with us!

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