Gospel-Centered Family

Last week, our church allowed the student ministry to take over the Sunday morning worship service.  We had a blast. The students did the announcements, the worship, and played a game with the congregation. One of our students gave a wonderful testimony of how the Lord has worked in her life over her first year of loving Jesus. And then I preached from Deuteronomy 6 on the Gospel-Centered Family. I thought I would share the message God gave me for this service. I hope it ministers to you in a big way. I pray that God uses this message to cause your family to become obsessed with the Gospel! Here you go…have a listen and let me hear your feedback!

Gospel-Centered Family – Deuteronomy 6:1-25

Preaching the Gospel Every Time

“I’ve never heard anyone preach the gospel the way you do.”

These were the words that changed the focus of my ministry.  As the sentence flowed out of Clayton’s mouth during our lunch together at El Vallarta, my first response was immediate: that can’t be true.  Someone had to have presented the gospel to him in a similar manner as I at some point in his lifetime.  Or was I taking some innovative approach to the cross?  I knew that, in regards to theology or hermeneutics, if you find something in Scripture that no one else in history has found, you are most likely a heretic.  Was I leaning toward heresy in my gospel proclamation?  Had Clayton really never heard the gospel so explicitly and often stated as he had in the first months of my ministry career?

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