Everyday Worship

Glory to God
Glory to God
Glory to God
           – Steve Fee

When Steve Fee penned these simple words, I believe he captured the entire meaning of the bigger word ‘worship’.  Psalm 66:1-3 says, “Shout joyful praises to God, all the earth!  Sing about the glory of His name!  Tell the world how Glorious He is.  Say to God, ‘How awesome are your deeds!  Your enemies cringe before your power.'”  (NLT)
God is not meek.  He is not unaware of His glory.  He does not play the humility card and deny his own power.  He knows…He is impressed with Himself.  He tells us repeatedly in the scripture to declare His glory, to tell all the earth of His great power.  This is the reason we were made!  To paraphrase Louie Giglio, we were made to be mirrors to reflect any spotlight that may hit us back to God, so that people can see Him.  I want my life to be what Paul says of his in Galatians 1:24:  “They praised God because of me.”  Paul literally was able to reflect God’s glory to anyone He encountered.
If we can learn to be true worshipers in every part of life, not just the singing in church and the praying before the test, but in all circumstances, to find ways to find God in our everyday…then we will be fulfilling our purpose.  If we can learn to see God in our desserts and sunsets and relationships and puppies and comedy and the wisdom of a mentor…we will truly learn to worship.
In all of our actions: Glory to God.
In all of our thoughts: Glory to God.
In the times when no one is watching: Glory to God.
In our praises: Glory to God.
In our free time: Glory to God.
In our recreation, in our rest: Glory to God.
This is worship.