At my church, we have been going through the book of Exodus on Sunday mornings. I’m excited to introduce a song that I’ve known for some time now because it fits perfectly with the message of the Torah. Check out Jude Doxology by Ghost Ship.

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SONG SPOTLIGHT: You Never Change

How about 2020 so far, huh? Yikes!

Every day, we find a new catastrophe or scandal in the news. I cannot remember, in my brief lifetime, a more polarizing and divisive time in this country. A scroll through my Facebook news feed is flat-out exhausting. Unsubstantiated opinions everywhere. Outrage and vitriol overflowing. It’s tempting to be overwhelmed by it all, isn’t it? And don’t even get me started on COVID-19, right? The information, guidelines, and data provided to the public seems to change every hour. The foundation of this sin-sick world is shifting sand.

Praise God that He never changes!

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I have only been this excited to debut a song at church one another time.

The last time I was this hyped about a new song was when I first led Andrew Peterson’s masterpiece (and still my all-time favorite song) called “Is He Worthy?“. (I wrote about that song back in 2018).

As a church, we have been studying through John’s Gospel. And we have now come to the most painful part of the book: the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. 

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SONG SPOTLIGHT: Nailed to the Cross

Over the last two weeks, our church has been learning Nailed to the Cross by Rend Collective . . . and I love this song!

One of my mentors is known for saying that music is “portable theology. . . it’s theology we carry around with us.” One reason I love this new song is that it exhorts God’s people to preach the gospel to ourselves. And then it goes on to very clearly proclaim the gospel that we need to remember.

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SONG SPOTLIGHT: Maybe I’m Not Alone After All…

Everybody seems to make it look so easy, you know? It’s probably the curse of social media and podcast addiction. It just seems to me that everybody has it all together…except me, of course.

In my head, I understand that everybody is faking it.  I mean, I realize that being an adult really means just figuring out how to act like I’ve got it all figured out. Other men tell me so all the time.

But when I look at the stories on my Instagram feed and listen to the interviews on my favorite podcasts, I’m tempted to believe that my life should look a lot different by now.

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I can count on one hand the number of songs that have made me cry in recent years. Jon Foreman’s collaboration with Relient K on Deathbed gets me. So does Foreman’s haunting tale of a homeless woman in Somebody’s Baby. Shockingly, Lecrae brought me to tears once with Just Like You. When my sister was living in wild rebellion, City and Colour’s O’ Sister broke me down. And Sho Baraka’s verse about his autistic son on Propaganda’s I Ain’t Got an Answer crushes me every.single.time.

But the new song that reduced me to tears the other night tops them all. As a preacher, I’m prone to hyperbole (obviously). But I am not exaggerating when I say Andrew Peterson’s Is He Worthy? is the best song I’ve heard in ten years . . . maybe ever.

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SONG SPOTLIGHT: Equally Skilled

Bob Dylan has nothing on my favorite songwriter. Jon Foreman writes music that can make you laugh and cry on the same track. Known primarily as the frontman for the excellent rock outfit Switchfoot, Foreman releases music at a prodigious rate. He routinely plays free solo concerts after Switchfoot shows. He has published several collections of solo songs that you should most definitely check out as soon as possible. If his list of talents and accolades isn’t impressive enough for you, Foreman is also an accomplished surfer and filmmaker and he just seems über-cool.

Our featured song starts with devastation and ends with hope. Foreman begins by comparing his misery to “a fruit picker who’s arrived here after the harvest.” His pain stems from an honest look at the injustice and rebellion that characterizes not only his life but the world around him. But the song ends with a triumphant declaration of God’s justice and mercy. Listen deeply and be blessed by this beautiful song. His point? God’s ability to execute justice and administer mercy far surpasses our inability to live righteously in this perverted age.

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